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Have you ever played the lottery entirely online? If you haven’t then you’re not alone. Far too many people have never considered playing the lottery online and that’s definitely unfortunate because our worldwide lottery ticket service offers plenty of great opportunities that you can only have online. After all, you’ll be able to play even more games, try new things, and a whole lot more when you get online.

Why play international lotteries?

online lottery ticket serviceIf you are a lotto fan looking for lotteries with better chances of winning and larger jackpots, then you have come to the right place. Why play your local lottery for a small top prize, when you can play the lotto online and have more choices?

The best part of our service is that you will always find a huge jackpot worth buying tickets for, and all the top jackpots are listed here!

Playing lottery games from different parts of the world opens up even more opportunities for you. You’ll be able to take a look at the different lotteries that people in other countries play, and that’s going to give you yet another chance at big prizes. Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try and see just how much you could win on yet another game?

You don’t need to be limited to just the lotteries that are available in your local area. Instead, with the help of our online service, you can take a look at several different choices just to have fun with it as well. When you do, you’ll find that there are lottery games in different parts of the world that you may never even have heard of. That’s going to be something unique and more enjoyable than playing the same lottery over and over again, don’t you think?

There are big lotteries, and then there are mega-lotteries

Imagine a lotto jackpot in the hundreds of millions – you can find them here! Lotteries like Mega Millions, Powerball, Euromillions, Eurojackpot, Superenalotto, and the famous El Gordo lottery have such jackpots on a regular basis.

Did you know that both the Mega Millions and Powerball have had jackpots of more than $1,500 million? It is hard to imagine winning over a billion from a lottery, but it is possible!

Your country of residence does not matter – buy your tickets online!

When you buy lottery tickets online, it does not matter where you live. There is no need for you to travel to buy a ticket for a lottery in a foreign country. We serve customers from almost all countries with our worldwide service.

How does our online lottery ticket service work?

On our website, you can see a range of different lottery games from all over the world. You can pick out the ones that you want to play – it is actually a whole lot easier to get started and buy those lottery tickets online than you might think.

play world lottery onlineWith Simbalotto.com you can decide which lottery you want to play. You can choose from a range of different lotteries that are played all over the world, and then you get to pick out the numbers you want. In fact, you get to pick out everything about your lottery ticket:

  • you can choose whatever lottery currently has the largest jackpot
  • you select the numbers you want to play (you can use our “quick pick” function to let the computer select your numbers)
  • you can create as many combinations of numbers (lines) as you want
  • you can decide whether you want your ticket to participate in the next draw only, or in multiple subsequent draws

Once you’ve created your ticket, you just place your order, and then you pay for it online. You will need to create and verify a customer account with Simbalotto during this process, using just your email address. There are a number of options through which you can pay online.

powerball ticket scan

Next, your ticket will be purchased for you by one of our agents, in the country where the lottery takes place. Our agents will upload a scan of your ticket to your account. Obviously, it can take some time until your ticket scan is visible. In the meantime, you can check the “My tickets” area, where you can check your order and the numbers selected by you.

Then, you wait until the draw and see what you’ve won. Even that part is easy because all you have to do is check your account to see your winning numbers, your matching numbers, and how much you’ve won.

What if I win?

Taking care of our worldwide customers when they win is an important part of our online ticket service. Smaller wins are paid out directly to your player’s account. For larger wins, our customer support will provide you with our VIP winner’s service! You will get paid in full and no fees or commissions will ever be deducted from your winnings, although tax regulations in the country of the lottery, and in your country of residence apply.

This is a perfectly legal service, and we help you get paid if you win

You do not have to be a resident of the country where the lottery takes place. We just buy the tickets for you locally, just like you were spending a holiday in that country.

And making sure that you get paid when you win is also part of our online ticket service. Smaller winnings up to € 2500 will be credited to your customer account instantly, and in case of a larger win, our customer support will help you get paid directly by the lottery.

Not all lotteries have the same odds of winning

It is perfectly logical to look for the biggest jackpots, but it also makes sense to check where you are offered the best odds to win a large prize. Some jackpots grow so much because they are hard to win.

But what if the second-tier prize is still large enough to change your life? What if the chances of winning a second-tier prize were much, much better than the odds of cracking the jackpot? Well, we have those types of lotteries as well.

Where can I find information and tips for lotto fans?

You can find all that here on our website. Not only do we give you the exact odds and rules for every lottery, but we also have articles about all kinds of different aspects of the lottery. We provide you with advice on how to improve your winning chances, and you will also find the latest results and an archive of older results for all the lotteries on our website.

Enjoy something new

Don’t get stuck with playing only the same games over and over again. Instead, make sure that you’re trying out something new and enjoying games that you may never have seen or heard of before. You might be surprised at all the options.