How to check my German Lotto draw results

When is the German Lotto draw held?

The German Lotto draw is held twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday At 17:25 (UTC). You can also buy tickets for multiple draws. This also improves your chances of winning, as you can still participate with a ticket from the previous draw in the upcoming draw.

To find out more about the draw results from the previous draws, you can visit the official German Lotto website.

How do I know my German Lotto results?

german lotto draw resultsAfter the draw, you will receive an email from us with the draw results, notifying you if you won any prizes or not. If you win, you will be instructed on how to claim your lotto prize.

You can also visit the “results page” on your Simbalotto account. The lotto results will be updated shortly after the end of the draw. You can use the details to compare them with your ticket.
The official Lotto website is also a good source of information if you want to know more about this German Lotto.

What happens if I miss out on the German Lotto draw?

If it happens that you missed out on a particular draw, you can still play in the next lotto drawing. Since there are two draws in a week, you can always wait for the next lotto draw.

Can I watch the drawings live?

Well, you cannot watch the drawing live since you are participating online. Instead, you can wait for the drawing to end and look out for the lotto results to be updated on your Simbalotto account. Players who reside in Germany can watch the live broadcast and compare their lotto tickets while watching.

What are the chances that I will win the jackpot?

german lotto draw resultsThe German Lotto offers nine individual prize tiers for the winners. For you to win a prize in the lowest tier, you must have matched two main numbers, including the super number.

The odds of winning this lower prize tier are 1 in 76. This shows the odds of winning in this tier are quite low and anyone can win this prize.

If you match the 6 numbers plus the super number, the chances of winning this jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160. Well, the odds of winning the lotto jackpot prize are quite higher, but this doesn’t mean you cannot win. Lotteries are all about luck. Try your luck today!

How to claim my German Lotto prize?

After you have checked the German Lotto results and confirmed that your ticket matched the lotto winning numbers, you might be wondering “how do I claim my prize now?”. One advantage of playing online with Simbalotto is the ease of claiming your prizes.

After the results are published, all the prizes will be allocated to the winners. Winnings of less than €2500 will be deposited in your account immediately. If you won a higher prize of €2500 or above, we will help you claim your reward from the Lottery commission.

If I win, is my German Lotto payout guaranteed?

german lotto draw resultsAt Simbalotto, we can guarantee you that you will be paid upon winning, regardless of your jackpot amount. For any prize, you can be assured that you will receive your payment as it is. We do not charge any commissions or fees to our customers. We value transparency and we ensure our customers do not get any chance to be dissatisfied with our services.

Is my 6aus49 Lotto winning prize tax-free?

Prizes below €2500 are not taxed; they are deposited into your account with no deductions. Prizes above €2500 that you receive from the lottery commission will be taxed according to the commission’s tax regulations. After the deductions, you will receive your lotto payments via bank transfer or check.

Can I check for old German Lotto numbers that won?

If you would like to know some of the previous 6aus49 Lotto winning numbers, you can check the results archive. You can use the lotto information to see the most common number combinations. You can then decide on which numbers you want to play with.