How can I check my Powerball Australia lottery draw results?

The Powerball Australia draw results

Powerball Australia is one of the biggest lotteries held in Australia. This lottery has gained mass popularity all over the world because of the huge jackpot prize. This Aussie version of the US Powerball offers amazing winning odds and jackpots every week. All the prizes are tax-free.

The Powerball Australia draw is held every Thursday at 9:30 AM UTC the drawing results are updated on our website shortly after the drawing. You should watch out so you do not miss out on the draws. Play Powerball Australia online and try your luck at becoming the lottery’s next big winner!

Check your Australian Powerball results online.

Powerball Australia draw resultsHave you won the Australian Powerball? Check your results on your Simbalotto account after the draw to find out. The Powerball lottery boasts nine prize divisions, and for you to win the jackpot, you will need to have matched the seven main numbers and the Powerball number.

To win any prize in the Aussie Powerball match, at least two numbers must be matched as well as the Powerball number to qualify for the 9th prize division. Matching the Powerball will also help you win the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th prize divisions. Also, note that all Powerball winnings are tax-free!

How can I receive the Australian draw Powerball results?

As long as you have played the Aussie Powerball on our website, you will receive email notifications to tell you if you have any Powerball prizes. You can also whitelist as a trusted email provider. Players will receive a notification for every lottery they are interested in – you do not want to miss that email!

Australia’s biggest Powerball winners

 Powerball Australia draw resultsPowerball has offered the largest jackpots ever in the history of Australian lotteries. With a Division 1 prize that has topped $100 million a couple of times in recent years, learn more about the biggest …

Powerball winners and how much money they won

  1. 19th September 2019- $150 million
    The Powerball prize reached its all-time peak of $150 million just after eight rollovers. The jackpot was won by three people, and they split the prize equally, going home with $50 million each. One of the players was from Queensland, while the other was from New South Wales.
  2. February 24, 2022-$126 million
    In this jackpot, two winning tickets were presented, and each winner walked out with their share of the Division 1 prize. One of the tickets was sold in New South Wales while the other ticket was won in the Coffs Harbour region, which said the ticket belonged to a retail syndicate that included around 200 members.
  3. 18 July 2019- $110 million
    For this Powerball jackpot, three ticket holders split the prize, which at that time was the highest Powerball prize in the lottery’s history. The payout for each of the players was $36 million, but one of the players ended up with more than $37 million after winning other prizes in the other divisions.
  4. 17th January 2019- $107.4 Million
    This Powerball jackpot was won by a single ticket by a woman from Sydney. She won the entire prize by herself. She had initially thought she had won $107,000 and she would celebrate by buying a cheap glass of wine. Little did she know that the jackpot was in the millions.
  5. 16th August 2018- $100 million
    This Powerball draw was marked as the first jackpot to reach $100 million. Two Division 1 players won the Aussie Powerball jackpot. The winner from Melbourne said he would invest the money in shares and properties.

Keep on checking your draw results to ensure you do not miss any information.