How can you buy a Saturday Lotto ticket online?

Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto is a popular lottery game among Australians and players around the world. Even though this lottery is based in Australia, over the years, international players have been able to participate in it online. You do not have to necessarily be a resident of Australia to play Saturday Lotto.

buy Saturday lotto ticket onlineThis lottery has a jackpot of not less than €2 million, which is awarded to players every Saturday. This jackpot can roll over to a higher prize depending on the number of tickets that were sold that week, but it rarely does.

The Lotto game has six prize tiers that increase a player’s chances of winning depend on the numbers they matched in that draw. This lottery is an awesome option for players looking for international lotteries to participate in.

If you are interested in the lottery and are not an Australian resident, then we are here to help you. We will share a detailed process of how you can buy tickets for this lottery and how you can receive your winnings.

Where and how to buy Saturday Lotto tickets online

If you want to play this Australian Lotto online, then you have come to the right place. Here at Simbalotto, you can get to participate in international lotteries from anywhere in the world. You can do this from the web or with the use of a mobile device, provided you have active internet connectivity.

Players are advised to carefully consider the sites before making the actual purchase of the lottery tickets. This is because one might come across a scamming site that exploits international players who do not have a clue about how the lottery works. To avoid such instances, take time and learn about the Lotto first.

You should consider using as we are a trusted website that offers concierge services on behalf of our customers. What we mean by this is that after you pick your lottery numbers, our agents in Australia will buy the physical version of your ticket with the numbers you picked for you. It is like you are playing the lottery right now in Australia. We make it easy for players to take part in this lottery online.

Steps to follow while you buy your ticket online:

To participate in this Australian Lotto online, simply choose the Saturday Lotto on our website. Next, pick and select the numbers you would like to play with. You can do that manually or use our random number generator. Then select the number of drawings you would like to enter for that game.

You will be asked to register an account with us using your email address and create a strong password. Make sure to verify your account through an email link that will be sent to you. After registering, you can now buy your lottery tickets.

buy saturday lotto ticket onlineThe main reason we ask customers to register an account is so that they can track their lottery entries and winnings and also be able to get an update on their results. Another reason is to maintain the authenticity of our website.
After some time, a scanned copy of your ticket will be available on your Simbalotto account.

The process is quite simple and easy to understand. Play the Lotto today and stand a chance to win a prize. Best of luck!

Which payment options are available?

When you buy your lottery ticket online, you can either pay via credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies. You can also deposit money into your Simbalotto wallet to make your ticket purchase easy. Players can select the payment method that suits them best.

If you would like to participate in other international lotteries, you can visit our website and choose any lottery. We have quite a lot, and you can play and buy a ticket from anywhere in the world.


To be honest, the only way you can say you have participated in an international lottery is if you buy an actual lottery ticket online. Keep in mind that the lottery is a game of chance and you never know when luck will knock on your door. So keep trying your best as you wait for the results.

Tier Match
Prize Chance to win
Prize #1I Match
Prize : 28.00% shared
Chance to win : 1 in 8,145,060
Prize #2II Match
5 + 1
Prize : 3.80% shared
Estimated: A$10,031.2
Chance to win : 1 in 678,755
Prize #3III Match
Prize : 8.20% shared
Estimated: A$1,056.2
Chance to win : 1 in 36,689
Prize #4IV Match
Prize : 12.40% shared
Estimated: A$31.0
Chance to win : 1 in 733
Prize #5V Match
3 + 1
Prize : 20.80% shared
Estimated: A$20.6
Chance to win : 1 in 297
Prize #6VI Match
Prize : 26.80% shared
Estimated: A$12.5
Chance to win : 1 in 144
Overall chances of winning any prize : 1 in 85.44