How to know the El Gordo draw results

The El Gordo weekly draw

There is a weekly draw for El Gordo, and you can buy tickets here at Simbalotto. The draw happens every Sunday at 7:30 PM (UTC).

When is the El Gordo draw held for the Christmas edition?

el gordo ticket onlineThe Christmas edition of El Gordo is held only once per year. The draw for this massively popular Christmas edition is held on the 22nd of December of every year. That’s when the winning numbers are drawn. The El Gordo lottery draw starts live at 09:00 (CET time). This lottery has become a Spanish national event that is held only once every year.

The draw ceremony is conducted at the Teatro Real de Madrid, Spain, and is broadcast both on TV and online.

Can I watch the El Gordo draw online?

Yes, you can watch the El Gordo draw live – if you live in Spain, or close by. The ceremony is broadcast live on TV in Spain. For those who live outside Spain and want to watch the draw online, a link for a live stream is also provided on the El Gordo official website an hour before the draw starts.

How to check the El Gordo draw results

If you have played the El Gordo lottery with us, you will receive an email with details of your ticket after the draw. The email contains the details of the results to show if you have or have not won. You can also check the “results page” for the El Gordo lottery on our website. It will display the draw results shortly after the El Gordo draw. You can then compare your ticket numbers against the numbers that won the jackpot, as well as any of the other prizes.

Since this event is held live, players can also compare their numbers as they are watching the draw broadcast.

You might even visit the official lottery website for more information on the same.

How do I know the closing of El Gordo ticket sales?

The sale of El Gordo tickets closes a few hours before the actual draw time. If you get shut out of the Christmas edition, you can still purchase a ticket for the weekly edition of the El Gordo lottery. There is always a chance of trying your luck when it comes to lotteries.

You can also visit other lotteries on our website with mega jackpots and participate in them.

How long does it take for the El Gordo results to appear on Simbalotto?

Sometimes we have to wait for the official El Gordo lottery to update their site. It may take some time, but immediately after the draw results are out, we update the information on our website.

The chances of winning at El Gordo

el gordo drawA lot of people think that the El Gordo tickets have either a 15% or 30% chance of winning something. Actually, the probability of winning in any of the prize tiers is 6,16%. So when you are participating online, you might actually win one of the many prizes. It is, of course, a matter of luck.

How does the El Gordo Christmas edition prize work?

The ticket sales for the Christmas edition work differently from the weekly lottery. All tickets have a serial number, but mostly, those tickets will be divided and sold as 180 shares (the so-called “Decimos”) of the whole ticket.

The top-tier jackpot prize of the Christmas El Gordo then goes to a single winning number. For example, The winning number in 2006 was 20297, and the total top-tier prize was €540 million. Ticket number 20297 had 180 “decimos”. In consequence, each one of the owners of a “Decimo” with that serial number received €3 million, as their share of the total jackpot.

If you have questions regarding how the prizes of the weekly El Gordo are won, please check our El Gordo Information page

How to check if my El Gordo ticket has been won?

If you want to know how much your El Gordo ticket has won, you can check the “My Tickets” section on our website. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see the details of the winning number combinations for that draw. You can then compare your ticket against the winning numbers. If you have won, you will also receive an email from Simbalotto notifying you about your El Gordo win.

Players are advised to check their spam boxes frequently as sometimes they may miss out on important information just because they didn’t see the email. Actually, strongly suggest that you whitelist as a trusted email sender so that you will receive all our emails regarding your wins, payments, tickets, and draw results.

What is the largest jackpot that has been won so far?

The largest-ever El Gordo Christmas lottery has had a total prize amount of €2.4 billion, which was, of course, distributed into a number of prize tiers. Among those were 180 players sharing the jackpot of a total of € 732 million.

The El Gordo lottery does not only turn players into millionaires on a weekly basis but there are lots of other, smaller prizes to be won.

How do I receive my El Gordo winnings?

If your ticket has won in the El Gordo draw, we will send you an email with your results. If you have won a prize of less than €2500, it will be deposited into your player’s account. Winnings above €2500 will be paid to you by the El Gordo lottery – our customer support will be in contact with you immediately and arrange your payout. In this case, you will receive your prize via bank transfer or check.

El Gordo lottery scams

In the past years, there have been a lot of scamming cases where people pretended to represent the El Gordo lottery. They are mostly aimed at non-residents of Spain who do not have an idea of how the lottery works. A point to note is that if you didn’t buy a ticket, then you cannot claim any prize. Players should avoid such cases and take time to research the El Gordo lottery and how it works.