How to check my New York lottery draw results

The New York Lottery and  draw results

New york lottery draw resultsThe draw for the New York lottery is held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:15 pm EST. has a cutoff time an hour before the New York lottery draw, so players should ensure that their tickets are processed on time.

Also if you purchase a ticket after the cutoff time, your ticket will be entered into the next draw. Since the lottery has two draws a week, you can always play in the next draw if you missed the previous one or play for multiple draws.

How to check the New York draw lottery results

The New York results are updated immediately after the draw takes place. Make sure you refresh the results page to see the latest draw results. If you participated in the New York lottery with us, an email will be sent to you with the results.

You will be notified whether your ticket won in that draw. Also, the outcomes for the winning numbers appear on the results page in ascending order from the most recent draw outcomes to the past ones.
If you are looking for old New York results, you can visit our archive and see the past results for this lottery.

How to check my ticket against the draw results?

If you have purchased a ticket on our website, it will appear in the “my tickets” tab. Immediately after the drawing, numbers that have matched the winning numbers will be color-matched. Compare your ticket numbers against the winning numbers to see if you won or just do it manually.


The biggest New York lottery jackpot

  • new york lottery draw resultsThe record for the biggest New York lottery jackpot in history was a $90 million prize, which was won in January 1991. This jackpot was won by ten winners who shared the prize equally. Every ticket holder who won received a $10 million prize, which was paid in installments by the state lottery.
  • The record jackpot won by a single ticket dates back to June 2007, when a maintenance man won a whole $65 million jackpot. It is said he had purchased multiple tickets for that specific lottery draw. He received his prize a year later after losing the ticket just after confirming his win from the lottery retailer. The New York state lottery had to let the one-year claim period pass to make sure nobody else came to claim the prize.

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