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If you play the Set for Life lottery, or any lottery, checking the draw results can be a pain. First, you need to know exactly where to find the draw results and then sort through other information to get what you want. That is why we have provided an easy way to check draw results and know if you have won the lottery.

When you visit us at, you get a hassle-free way to play the lottery. Also, we provide a completely seamless system for checking draw results. Any time you play this lottery, you can always check back here to find out what the draw results are.

A little about the Set for Life lottery

UK Set for lifeThis UK lottery is known as an annuity lottery and had its first draw in 2009. Compared to some other lotteries, this one is new nevertheless, it has become popular among punters around the world.

Unlike the other lotteries where jackpot winners get a payout of millions, this gives a monthly payout. So, if you win the jackpot with this lottery, you will get a monthly payout of £10,000 for the next 30 years. There is a sort of security that comes from having such a large sum each month.

Besides, the internet is filled with stories of instant lottery millionaires who went bankrupt after winning the lottery. Perhaps for that reason, many players around the world have taken an interest in the annuity lottery. Even if the first month doesn’t go that well, there is still something coming the next month, which can be invested.

Set for Life Rules

The rules for this lottery are simple and familiar for those who play lottery games. The draws are also simple and easy to understand. You need to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 47 and one special number from 1 to 10. The special number is known as the Life Ball number.

To win, you need to match all the drawn numbers. If the numbers on your ticket match the drawn numbers, then you have won a prize. That applies even if you only matched two numbers or all six numbers. Of course, the prizes are different.

Prize Breakdown

After each draw, there are prizes that participants can win, and here is the breakdown below:

  • 5 Numbers + Life Ball number = top prize of £10,000 every month for 30 years
  • 5 Numbers only (without matching the Life Ball) = £10,000 every month for a year
  • 4 Numbers + Life Ball = £250
  • 4 Numbers only = £50
  • 3 Numbers + Life Ball = £30
  • 3 Numbers only = £20
  • 2 Numbers + Life Ball = £10
  • 2 Numbers only = £5

As we mentioned, with this annuity lottery, there is a chance for everyone to win something after each draw. If you are still on the fence about playing the UK annuity lottery, now would be a good time to try it. There is every possibility that you could win the next draw. If that happens, you are set for the rest of your life.

Annuity lottery draw days

set for life draw resultsWhen you buy your tickets, you would need to set them for specific draw days. The draw days for this lottery are every week on Tuesday and Thursday. But, you can enter for both draw days or just a single draw day, whatever works best for you.

Remember to check the draw results after the draw date to find out if you won a prize. Several players have lost out on their lottery winnings because they forgot to check the draws. Of course, if you are registered with us here at, that shouldn’t happen to you.

You can buy tickets online

Don’t worry if you do not live in the Uk because you can buy tickets for this lottery online. When you register with us at, we make it easy for you to purchase tickets to this and other international lotteries. You can also check the results after the draws.

We run a concierge service whereby our agents in different countries buy lottery tickets for the numbers and draw dates you choose. That way, you get the same opportunities as those living in the UK even though you are buying your ticket online.

Register with us to get your Set for life draw results

Playing the annuity lottery is fun and easy, we go the extra mile to ensure it remains so. After every draw, we post the draw results right here on our website. However, if you are registered with us, we eliminate the stress of checking draw results by notifying you each time you win.

We do this by sending a message to your account as well as an email after the draws. If you win a prize after the draw, you can cash out your prize right here on our site. Talk about a stress-free experience.

Don’t hesitate to play the Set for Life lottery because the next draw could be your lucky day. Like everyone else, you most likely want to be set for the rest of your life. So register with us by creating a free account and enter for the next draw days now.