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American Lotto

Lotto America is a popular lottery game among players around the world. Although it is a lottery that is based in the United States, over the years punters have found ways to participate. They do that without necessarily being residents of the US, by using the internet.

This lottery has a jackpot starting prize of $2 million and can roll over to become much more attractive in terms of prize money. Also, there are eight other prize tiers, which significantly increase a player’s odds of winning a prize. It is a great option when you are searching for a US-based lottery to try.

If you are not a resident of the United States but would like to take part in this lottery, then we are here to help. We will share with you the best way to purchase tickets and how to claim your prizes.

How to buy tickets for Lotto America

lotto americaThe US-based lottery is played with balls. A player has to buy a ticket and choose the numbers to enter. The balls are picked randomly and any player that matches the drawn numbers wins the lottery.

To play, the punter has to choose five main numbers between 1 and 52 and a Star Ball number between 1 and 10.

Where to buy Lotto America tickets

The only place to get physical tickets for this lottery is in the United States. The lottery is played in 13 states of the US and anyone within those states can take part in it. This option is not open to those who live outside those states or the US as a whole.

Naturally, high rollers around the world have found ways to take part in US lotteries. Thus, if you would like to get access to the US-based lottery, you will have to explore the alternative method.

Buy lottery tickets online

For those living outside the US, the alternative way to participate in this lottery is to get tickets online. The internet has made it very simple and uncomplicated to take part in international lotteries. You can do this online either on the web or through your mobile device from online lottery sites.

It is important to carefully consider the lottery site before you purchase an entry to the lottery. That is because not all sites give you access to international lotteries. If you purchase your ticket from us, you get the same advantage as those purchasing the physical version by yourself.

At, we run a concierge service. That means that when you pick your numbers, our agents in the US will purchase the physical version with corresponding numbers. It is almost like you are right there in the US.

Steps to buying your ticket

buy Lotto America onlineTo participate in international lotteries online, including this US-based lotteries, simply choose the lottery you want. Next, select the drawing(s) you would like to enter. Before you can pay, we will ask you to register with us. Once you are registered, you can pay for your purchase.

We require our customers to register with us for several reasons. First, it will help you keep track of your lottery entries. Secondly, we alert you once you have won a prize. Finally, you can easily cash out your prize online from our site. The entire process is intuitive and seamless.


The only way anyone can win the lottery is to take part in it. If you do not participate, there is no chance of winning any prize. If you do take part, there is no guarantee that you will win as the lottery is a game of chance. But you never know when luck will smile at you.

If you want to take a chance and play a US-based lottery, why not register with us today? You can easily buy tickets for Lotto America tickets online as well as several other international lotteries. We provide a stress-free experience that keeps our customers returning every time.