Is it possible for me to play SuperEnalotto online?

How do you play SuperEnalotto online?

play Superenalotto onlineThe basic rules of playing the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery are really simple. Choose six main numbers that are ranked from 1 to 90, then select the number of draws you want to participate in.

To play for a single draw, you can leave it blank. Select 3 to play the next three SuperEnalotto draws,  6 for the next two weeks,12 for four weeks, and 15 to play for five weeks. Playing multiple draws will even give you a discount! Then you can pay for your SuperEnalotto ticket entries.

The chances of winning this game are 1 in 622 million, which makes SuperEnalotto difficult to win. This is because, with the 6 numbers you have chosen to play, and the 90 numbers range, the odds of getting all of them correct are quite low. And because of this, the SuperEnalotto jackpot can go on for weeks or even months before the numbers are cracked.

I mean, this should not avert you from playing the lottery as Superenalotto tickets are quite cheap and, you never know, you could be the next lucky winner.

SuperEnalotto is not only played by Italians or in Italy. Our platform allows you to purchase tickets online, allowing players from different countries to participate in this game. Can I play SuperEnalotto? This answers your question.

Our website has made playing international lotteries more convenient and flexible for people participating in different countries. Get a SuperEnalotto ticket with us and try your luck too.

What are the advantages of playing SuperEnalotto?

Playing SuperEnalotto by buying tickets on our website comes with some advantages for international lottery players. Here are some major advantages to playing online.

Playing SuperEnalotto this way is more convenient as players do not have to queue and worry about ticket restrictions and selling hours when buying from retailers.

superenalotto ticketAnother reason is that playing online is much safer and more secure. Because you save your scanned SuperEnalotto ticket in your user account, there is no risk of losing or damaging it, as there is when you play with paper tickets. You will just have to submit your scanned ticket in the event of winning.

When you play on our website, your ticket is automatically checked for you. That is, if you have won, you will go to the draw results page and check if the number combination matches the ones on your SuperEnalotto ticket. If they do match and you have won a large amount, then we will help you claim your reward. It is that simple. Amounts under €2500,00 will be credited to your Simbalotto account immediately.

Past SuperEnalotto winners?

The SuperEnalotto is one of the largest lotteries in Europe. It is now played not only in Italy, but players from other countries can also take part. The highest jackpot that has ever been won was €209.1 million on August 13th, 2019. This was won by just a single ticket. Another big win was recorded to be €177.7 million.

Many people have played the lottery and won huge jackpots. You should also participate because, who knows, you might be the next winner of the jackpot. Try your luck today by purchasing a SuperEnalotto ticket with us.

For more information about the past SuperEnalotto lottery, you can visit the official website and check who the winners are and which cities have won the most jackpots.

How can I get a scanned ticket?

Once you have purchased the SuperEnalotto ticket, you will be able to see the ticket and the numbers that you played will reflect on your account under the “my tickets” page. It will take you some time until our agents have bought the ticket(s) for you to see a scanned copy of the ticket. Usually, this takes an hour after your purchase. Then you can wait for the SuperEnalotto results.

Is SuperEnalotto a genuine lottery game?

Yes, SuperEnalotto is a genuine lottery game. However, you should be cautious because many scammers may use the lottery name to defraud and steal personal information from players.

To avoid this, before participating in the SuperEnalotto lottery, take time to research the lottery, draw days, and whether the lottery provides services to international players. This will help you to know when someone is bombarding you with false information. You should also visit the official SuperEnalotto website for the lottery to learn how it operates.

How to improve your chances of winning

Statistically, it has been proven that more than 70% of the lottery prize amounts have been won by higher numbers. This is because when the draw results are smaller numbers, most people tend to have the same numbers, leading to low payouts per winner.

So make sure to choose unique numbers, such as numbers greater than 31, so that you do not have to share your SuperEnalotto jackpot. Feel free to use our number system generator or your personal lucky numbers. That way, you can avoid having the numbers that everybody else has.