When will the UK lottery draw results be held? 

When do the draws take place?

uk lottery draw resultsThe UK lottery is held every Wednesday and Saturday between 19:30 and 20:00 London time. After the draws, players can confirm if their numbers have won the prize on the “my results page”.

If you indeed have won, you will receive an email notifying you of your win. Players should take note of the time zones as sometimes they may differ from the country in which the lottery is being held.

If you have won a prize below €2500, it will be immediately deposited to your Simbalotto account. You can withdraw the prize with the payment method you used while purchasing your ticket. If your winnings are above €2500, you will receive your winnings from the lottery commission – our support department will arrange the details for you.

When do the outcomes of the UK lottery appear on Simbalotto?

Shortly after the draw has taken place, the results of the winning numbers will be updated on Simbalotto as well. However, there could be some delays as we have to wait until the lottery has published the official outcomes.

How do I know the closing of ticket sales?

uk lottery draw resultsThe closing of ticket sales may occur an hour before the draw. Players are advised to buy their tickets earlier to avoid the rush hour. But playing online with Simbalotto has some advantages, such as continuing to buy tickets and participating in the next draws.

How to check the UK lottery outcomes:

You might be asking yourself what to do next when it’s time to check for the outcomes. Well, here at Simbalotto, we do update the results immediately after the draw has ended. Just check the results page and see which numbers won for that draw. You can compare your numbers and see if you have won.

You can also visit the official website of the game and check the outcomes of the previous draws.

Can I watch the UK lottery outcomes live?

Yes, you can. You can now watch the results live on YouTube. You can stream the live drawings and see the numbers that won in that drawing. The official website also provides a link for the live draws, so you can look out for those too. If you purchased your ticket with us, then you can check the results page and view the numbers that won the prize. Players will also receive an email notification notifying them of the same.

How will I know if my ticket has been won?

Please check your ticket under the “My Tickets” tab to see if you won. The results will be published immediately after the announcement of the results by the lottery. You will also receive an email from us notifying you that your ticket won a certain prize.

Players are advised to check their spam boxes as sometimes they might not see their emails. Instead, they should whitelist Simbalotto.com as an email provider. By doing this, players will get to claim their winnings early.

How to check your ticket against the draw results?

uk lottery draw resultsAfter purchasing your tickets on Simbalotto, the numbers you picked will appear in the “my tickets” area. After the drawing, the numbers that matched the lottery draw will be color-marked. You can also compare your numbers manually by using your scanned ticket against the draw.

How to increase my chances of winning the UK lottery?

If you would like to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, Simbalotto has a way you can participate in multiple draws. This function allows players to buy tickets for multiple draws, which gives the players the ability to play for the same selection for a number of weeks.

This option is for players who would love to participate in the lottery regularly. Of course, purchasing tickets for multiple draws will increase the cost of your orders, but it will definitely allow you to participate in more draws.