Where can I play the Saturday Lotto online?

About Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto first took place in 1972, making it the longest-running lottery in Australia. It has different names depending on the cities. For example, it is only known as Saturday Lotto in New South Wales and Western Australia. It is called TattsLotto, Gold Lotto, or Lotto for other states and territories.

The draws for this Australian Lotto are held every Saturday at 9:30 AM UTC and offer a minimum jackpot of €2 million. If a Division 1 lottery is not won in a particular lotto draw, then it will roll over to the following draw. Although this occurs very rarely due to the popularity of the lottery and a large number of combinations played each week, it makes it hard for the prize to roll over to another week.

How do supplementary numbers work in this lottery?

play saturday lotto onlineThe supplementary numbers are the bonus balls for the Saturday Lotto. They are selected from the main 45 numbers after the six numbers have been drawn. The 2 supplementary numbers are used to determine prizes for Division 2 and Division 5.

For example, if you matched five main numbers and one supplementary number, it would give you six winning numbers. However, since 1 of the winning numbers was a supplementary number and not the main number, you will win division 2 instead of division 1.

For players to win a division 1 jackpot, they need to have matched all six main numbers.

Prize division for the Lotto

The Saturday Lotto has six prize divisions in every draw. The division 1 prize, which is regularly referred to as the jackpot, is won by matching all six numbers. The fewest balls you can play and match to win a prize are three main numbers.

Prizes increase with the more numbers you match, starting with three main numbers and at least one of the two supplementary numbers. The odds of winning this Australian Lotto jackpot are 1 in 8 million.

The table below shows details of the six prize divisions and the odds of winning in each division in the lottery.

Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
1 Six main numbers 1 in 8,145,060
2 Five main numbers+ 1 or 2 Supplementary numbers 1 in 678,755
3 Five main numbers 1 in 36,690
4 4 main numbers 1 in 733
5 3 main numbers+ 1 or 2 Supplementary numbers 1 in 298
6 3 main numbers 1 in 53

The overall odds of winning any Lotto prize are 1 in 42.

Special Saturday Lotto events

Throughout the year, this Australian Lotto has special events.

  1. Super Draw.
    This is a regular Lotto event that offers a Division 1 prize pool of €12.8 million and over. The Super Draw event occurs around six times throughout the year, and it replaces the regular weekly prize of €2 million for that particular Saturday.
  2. Mega Draw
    This is the most popular lotto event of the year. It is mainly held the weekend before or after the New Year holiday. It has a Division 1 prize pool of €19.2 million or more.
    If two or more players win the lottery prize, then it is split equally among the players. These events help in creating some of Saturday’s Lotto’s biggest winners.

How to play Saturday Lotto online:

play saturday lotto onlineTo play this Australian Lotto online is quick and simple. We have even made it easier for international players as one can play this lottery from anywhere in the world.

You do not have to be in Australia to play this lottery. Our platform purchases tickets for international lotteries on behalf of our customers so that they can play these games online in whatever country they live in. Each entry into a lottery draw must consist of six numbers between 1 and 45.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to play this lottery online.

  • Create a Simbalotto account and log in with your details.
    Choose your numbers.
  • Select the numbers you want to play with. Choose six numbers from the pool of 1-45. You can either select them manually or use our quick-pick random number generator. Then pick two supplementary numbers that will serve as your bonus numbers. Make sure you are happy with your number selection.
  • Choose the number of draws you want to play.
    After confirming your lottery numbers, you can now decide how many draws you would like to enter. You can enter consecutive draws for up to 10 draws. This means you can play the lottery game for 10 weeks. That’s quite interesting, right?
  • Pay for your ticket.
    Once you are happy with your selection, you can now pay for the tickets. Fill in your payment details and select the mode of payment that suits you best. All that is left to do is sit back and wait for the next lottery results to be drawn.

Closing of the Lotto tickets

The selling of tickets for the ongoing Lotto draws usually closes an hour before the drawing. When you play this lottery on Simbalotto, you do not have to worry about the close of ticket sales. This is because you can continue purchasing the tickets for the upcoming draws. Players can play in multiple consecutive draws as they can participate for a longer time and do not have to worry about buying lottery tickets every time.

What is the required age to play the lottery on Simbalotto?

For anyone who wants to play this lottery, you must be at least 18 years of age. That is the required age to play on our website. Underage players will not be allowed to play or claim their prizes as they have to show proof of age documents. Players are advised to play responsibly.

Register yourself today and get a chance to win the Saturday Lotto in the comfort of your home in any country.