Can I play the Mega Sena lottery online?

The Mega Sena Lottery’s History

Play mega sena lottery onlineThis lottery was launched in 1996 and has gained popularity in Brazil. Mega Sena is managed by one of Brazil’s biggest banks, Caixa Economica Federal, and gives players two chances every week to become millionaires. On several occasions, this Mega Sena lottery has reached a jackpot of nine figures.

The largest recorded Mega Sena jackpot prize was R$263.2 million, around €50 million. This Mega Sena jackpot was split between three winners in December 2014. The largest jackpot prize won by one ticket was recorded in 2015, when the winner went home with R$205.3 million, around €39.6 million.

When Mega Sena was launched, it had a complicated process of drawing several balls at random from two spinning cages. The drawing process was later simplified, and now the balls are randomly drawn from one spinning cage.
The jackpot grows and grows in size with rollovers and special draws.

Interesting facts about the Mega Sena Lottery

  1. The Mega Sena online lottery is operated and managed by Brazil’s largest government-owned bank, known as Caixa Economica Federal.
  2. Every Mega Sena lottery draw is conducted in a special lottery truck that travels all over Brazil. This is to make sure that each draw is held in a different location.

How to play Mega Sena Online.

You can purchase Mega Sena tickets from Simbalotto and play the lottery online. First, you will need to select six numbers from 1–60. For you to win any prize, you will have to at least match four numbers. The draws for the Mega Sena lottery are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 p.m. (UTC).

Here is a detailed guide to help you play the Mega Sena lottery online

    • If you want to play for a single entry, pick six numbers from 1–60. You can pick your numbers manually or use our quick pick function that randomly selects the numbers for you.A player can also pick more than six numbers, up to a maximum of 15.
    • After selecting your numbers, decide on the draws you want to play. It is up to the player to decide whether they want to play with the same numbers for one draw or want to play in multiple consecutive draws. When you play online, a player can enter two, four, or eight draws in a row.
      Playing in multiple draws has more chances of winning. Try your luck!
    • After you are happy with the numbers you picked, you can now pay for your tickets using the payment option available. They are debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. You can also decide to pay through your Simbalotto wallet.
    • And now all you have to do is wait for the draws. When the drawing takes place, six winning numbers are all drawn at random. Since you are playing online, you will be notified by email if your numbers win for that draw.

You can also check the results page to find out if you are the winner.

Mega Sena lottery combination game

play mega sena lottery onlineYou do not have to pick just six numbers when you play Mega Sena online. Instead, you can also pick any number between 7 and 16 to increase your chances of winning the prize.

Every combination of six numbers within your selected range will be entered into the Mega Sena as a separate bet. This will automatically boost your chances of winning since you will have more than one entry in the draw. And, of course, the cost of these entries will increase.

Online Mega Sena lottery winning odds

The Mega Sena lottery only pays prizes in three tiers, making it quite difficult to win the jackpot. The overall chance of winning any Mega Sena lottery prize is 1 in 2,298. Even if you do not match all six main numbers, there are prizes for matching four and five numbers.

Prize Categories Matched numbers Winning chances
Jackpot Six numbers 1 in 50,063,860
Quina Five numbers 1 in 154,518
Quadra Four numbers 1 in 2332

Can I play the Mega Sena from overseas?

With Simbalotto, you can play this exciting Brazilian lottery online. So if you are wondering if you need to be in Brazil physically to play the lottery, then the answer is no. You can play the Mega Sena lottery from anywhere in the world using our website.

We are a trusted lottery service provider, and we help players participate in international lotteries from anywhere in the world.
For you to be able to play the lottery online, you will need to create a Simbalotto account, pick your numbers, and deposit some money into your wallet that will help you pay for your tickets.

You can now wait for the draws, and who knows, you might have a chance to win a lucrative Mega Sena jackpot.

How to increase my chances of winning:

If you want to boost your chances of winning the Mega Sena lottery, you can play for multiple consecutive draws. You can do that by purchasing the tickets in advance in one transaction. Though the cost of getting these tickets may increase, it will increase your chances of winning a Mega Sena prize. Try your luck today!

Do I get a scanned ticket if I play online?

Yes. After purchasing your ticket, you will wait some time until a copy of your ticket is uploaded to your Simbalotto account. It may take a while as we team up with trusted local lottery agents who purchase the tickets for our players in Brazil. After you get your scanned ticket, you can confirm if the numbers you picked match the ones on your ticket.

What is the required age to play the Mega Sena Lottery online?

play mega sena lottery onlineFor anyone who wants to play this lottery online, you must be 18 years of age. That is the required age to play in Simbalotto. Underaged players will not be able to claim their prizes as they have to show proof of age documents. If you have not reached the age requirements, you can wait till you are 18.

Playing Mega Sena online is easy if you follow the steps we have given you.