Draw results France Lotto | Latest, previous winning numbers

One major aspect of playing the lottery, after buying tickets, is checking the lottery results after the draw days. If you are playing the France lotto, it is a good idea to find out the winning numbers after each draw.

For those who enter a single draw, this is easy. But if you entered multiple draws, then it might not be so easy to check every time.

Nonetheless, there is no point playing the France lotto, or any lottery, if you do not plan to win. Thus, we advise you to keep your tickets safe and ready for draw day. Of course, if you registered with us, then your ticket is automatically safe. This is because your ticket to the France lotto is scanned and stored in your account.

If you are not sure how to check the France lotto draw for the winning numbers, keep reading.

How to check France lotto draw results

Players need to check lottery results so that they do not miss out on their winnings. There are several ways to check the France lotto after a draw day. While it is possible to watch live draws, most people are usually busy. The alternative is to check news outlets to find out the results.

If you are wondering how to check the France lottery after the draw days, we’ve got you covered. Before you check the winning numbers, make sure you have your ticket ready. Here are a few ways to check the France lotto draw results:

Apart from the jackpot prize, the France lotto also has eight other prize levels. It means that players have a good chance of winning a prize when they enter this lottery.

Here are the lotto prize tiers, including the top prize. We also include the odds of winning for each level.

Prize – Odds – Amount

How to play the France lotto

draw results francePlaying the French lotto is much like playing any lottery game. It requires a player to choose five numbers from 1 to 49 and one special number from 1 to 10. The special number is also known as the Chance Number.

Any player who has a ticket that matches all five drawn numbers including the Chance Number wins the jackpot.

Register with us to enter the next draw

At Simbaloto.com, we provide a hassle-free method for players to keep on top of the lottery. After every draw, we send out notices to winners who are registered with us. These notices show up on the dashboards as well as the emails of the winners.

What’s more, we make it easy for you to cash out your lottery wins right here. Why not give the France lotto a try and register with us today? You never know, you might be the winner of the next draw, but only if you play.