How to check my Thunderball lottery draw results

Thunderball draw days information

The Thunderball lottery holds four weekly draws, namely on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as Saturdays at 7:15 pm (UTC). The Thunderball lottery has nine prize tiers in every draw, from a prize of £3 for matching only the Thunderball to the highest tier, where a jackpot of £500,000 is won.

Players will not have to share the top prize in case there are multiple winners since every player who matches the main five numbers and the additional Thunderball wins the £500,000 jackpot. Do not forget to check the results after the draw as you take part in this Thunderball lottery.

Thunderball UK lottery numbers

thunderball lottery draw resultsYou may be wondering how and where you can check your winning number outcomes. Well, we got you covered because checking the winning numbers is easy. One way you can do that is by checking your inbox, as we notify all our customers of the draw results via their registered email. Also, you can visit the “My Tickets” page on your Simbalotto account. We update the lottery outcomes immediately after the draw.

Checking the current Thunderball lottery draw results

If you played the lottery and want to check the current results, you can go to your player’s account, then click on “my tickets,” where you will be able to see how your numbers stack up against the winning numbers. This means you can see just how much you have won.

Any numbers that match the winning numbers will be highlighted, which will make it easier for you to check your numbers. You can then compare the numbers on your ticket against the winning numbers to see if you have won any prizes.

Can I check the old Thunderball lottery draw results?

thunderball lottery draw resultsFor some players, the current Thunderball numbers are not enough to make a decision when picking their lottery numbers. In this case, you can visit our results archive to check the old draw number outcomes.

You can observe the sequence of the winning numbers to select better numbers for your Thunderball numbers. Players can visit the official website for UK lotteries for more information about the same.
You can also check the numbers for the other lotteries on our website.

Can I watch the Thunderball draw results live?

Yes, you can. The draw outcomes are broadcast live on the National UK Lottery YouTube channel. You can check in and view the outcomes live from the comfort of your home. You can check your Thunderball numbers while watching the live draw.

For a chance to win up to £500,000 and other prizes in the Thunderball lottery, be keen not to miss out on the draw. A prize may come your way!