How to check Saturday Lotto draw results online?

When is Saturday’s lotto draw held?

Just like its name suggests, this Australian lotto is held every Saturday. The Lotto draw entries close at 8:25 am UTC, and the numbers are drawn at 9:30 am UTC. Be sure to check out the draw results afterward.

Where can I watch the Lotto draw results?

Players who reside in Australia can watch the draw results through a broadcast on 7TWO around 8:30 pm AEST. Players participating online can watch the draw online through a link provided by the official Lotto website.

How can I check my draw results?

Saturday lotto draw resultsIf you missed the live Lotto draw results, do not worry. There are plenty of other ways you can check your Lotto results.

All Simbalotto customers receive the latest draw results straight to their email inboxes, which means you never need to worry about missing the draw results. After the draw, just check your emails.

They can also check the draw results on the “my results page” on their Simbalotto account. Details of the numbers that won will be updated immediately after the draw.

If you want to see information on past Lotto draw results, you can visit our archive and select the date you want to check. Our archive will show you the draw results of this Australian Lotto for the past three years.

Saturday Lotto results and winning numbers

Below is an example of the prize breakdown for the Lotto draw results on October 15th, 2022. It shows the distribution of prizes won from the 1st division to the last one. I hope this information will help you understand how many numbers you should match to win this Australian lotto.

The winning numbers were 5, 7, 11, 12, 24, 40, plus 15, and 28.

Prize Division Numbers Matched Amount Won
1 6 Numbers €1,645,083.08
2 5 Numbers+ Bonus €5,407.37
3 5 Numbers €403.57
4 4 Numbers €12.27
5 3 Numbers+ Bonus €8.62
6 1 Number+ 2 Bonus €4.62

How do I claim my lotto prize?

Saturday Lotto draw resultsIf your numbers have been chosen in the Lotto draw, you will receive the results via email with the details of how you can start claiming your prize.

Winnings below €2500 will be deposited in your Simbalotto wallet immediately after the draw. If you win a prize higher than €2500, then the lottery commission will send your prize either by bank transfer or check. You can then withdraw your prize using the payment option of your choice. Make sure you enter the Saturday Lotto draw today.

Now that you know how to play the Lotto online, it’s time to enter the draw! Make sure you purchase your ticket before this Saturday and wait for the results for a chance to win a share of the many Lotto prizes given.


This Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in Australia, and, of course, for a good reason. With jackpots and prizes being won every Saturday, the Australian Lotto has made many people winners. You can also join in and be a lucky winner.

If you need any information about other lotteries, just head to Simbalotto and you will find all the information you need, or visit our FAQs section.