The El Gordo lottery jackpot is a game that has captured the attention of millions around the world. Prepare to uncover the secrets of one of the most popular lotteries in Spain and learn why you should try your luck with SimbaLotto.

What you should know about the El Gordo lottery jackpot

el gordo lottery jackpotThe El Gordo lottery jackpot, often referred to as “The Fat One,” is a big prize offered by the Spanish Christmas Lottery. This renowned annual event captivates the imagination of people worldwide with its jaw-dropping prize pool that has the power to change lives forever. Now, let’s dive deeper into what makes El Gordo so popular and eagerly anticipated.

El Gordo Lottery Format and Rules

El Gordo uses a unique format, utilizing physical tickets with pre-assigned numbers. Each ticket consists of ten smaller shares known as “décimos,” enabling participants to purchase fractional portions of a full ticket. This accessibility allows more people to participate in the excitement, increasing the lottery’s popularity and creating a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Drawing Process and Tradition

The annual El Gordo drawing takes place on December 22nd, and the drawing process unfolds in a grand manner in Madrid. This enchanting event includes schoolchildren from the renowned San Ildefonso school singing out the winning numbers and corresponding prizes. This longstanding tradition creates a magical atmosphere, and the anticipation reaches its peak as the world eagerly awaits the announcement of the jackpot-winning number.

History of El Gordo

El Gordo’s history dates back to 1812, making it one of the oldest and most storied lotteries in the world. Throughout the years, it has evolved while maintaining its essence of bringing hope and excitement during the holiday season.

Additionally, this rich history of El Gordo has produced countless stories of individuals whose lives were forever transformed by a stroke of luck. From small villages celebrating together to strangers turned instant friends. These tales of unexpected fortune inspire and capture our imagination, fueling the dream of striking it big.

Why El Gordo is one of the most popular lotteries in the world

El Gordo’s popularity is attributed to several factors. Also, its immense prize pool, the fractional ticket system that allows broader participation, and its historic significance all contribute to its worldwide acclaim. Additionally, the sense of community, tradition, and the chance to experience life-changing moments make El Gordo an irresistible lottery for players everywhere.


In conclusion, the El Gordo lottery jackpot has a rich history and unmatched excitement. This makes it one of the most captivating lotteries in Spain and all over the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this extraordinary phenomenon. Purchase your online tickets on SimbaLotto today. Who knows, you might become the next lucky winner of the legendary El Gordo jackpot!