When the word lottery crosses your mind, you probably think it is gambling – true or false? Well, most people do not consider playing the lottery to be gambling, since it is a game with rules where players buy tickets for a chance to win money.biggest lottery jackpots

Gambling on the other hand is where a player places his money with the hope of winning an amount of money larger than his initial bet. The players play a game where they have set rules, yes, but the risks of winning or losing are mostly determined by chance.

The difference between the two is: Lottery is a game where the players compete against each other and where the prize was set aside earlier.  At the same time, gambling is where the players play individually against the gambling operator who can decide to favor his side of the game by defining the odds.

What are the requirements for playing?

In order for one to play the lottery, one must understand the game in that first, you identify the lottery, and then, create a ticket by selecting a combination of numbers.  The goal, of course, is to match the winning numbers of the upcoming draw.

But not everyone can play because there are laid-out rules saying that one must be of age. And that legal age depends on where the lottery is being held.

What is the age limit when you want to participate in a lottery?

In the earlier centuries, children, even those who were 16 years old,  could have played the game.

Nowadays, in some countries, playing the lottery is illegal regardless of age while in other countries where lotteries are legal, the age limit is usually between 18 years to 21 years.

Some countries where lotteries are allowed have gone a step further by organizing a national lottery where anyone can participate as long as one is of the required age.

Since those national lotteries are mostly controlled by the government, the rules will prohibit the selling of lottery tickets to minors, to avoid the risk of children becoming compulsive gamblers.

Why minors should not be exposed to the lottery

It has been proven that teens are easily affected by gambling.
When they are introduced at a younger age, they become addicted to the game or the money they win. On the bright side, some of the teens do something useful with the money like paying school fees or helping out at home.

And while lottery tickets are mostly cheap, playing the lottery can still be an entry into the more dangerous variations of gambling.


In conclusion, although the legal gambling age does vary in different countries depending on the set law requirements, on our website, you have to be at least 18 years old to buy tickets. As a lottery ticket provider, we always comply with the requirements to play a lottery and ban those attempting to play who haven’t attained the right age.