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I won something, what happens next?

Whenever you win an amount up to € 2500, the winnings will immediately be credited to your Simbalotto wallet (your user account balance). You can then decide to withdraw that amount in part or in full. Any funds remaining in your account can be used to buy new tickets.

Whenever you win an amount of more than € 2500, our support team will be in touch with you via email. We will send you a claim form, which you must fill out. You will also have to provide us with a scan of an ID document, and you will have to choose between getting a cheque or a bank transfer. Those documents will be forwarded to the lottery company by us, and the payment will then come directly from the lottery commission.

But if you prefer that option, you can also decide to collect your winning ticket from the place in the country of the lottery where our agents have safely stored it, and then claim your winning in person from the lottery commission itself.

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